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Why choose TKH Global Consulting

About TKH Global Consulting

At TKH Global Consulting we offer customized services based on the needs of our clients. We walk prospective college students through every step of the college application process. Not only do we help students create a successful college application, but we also help them decide which college or university is the best fit for them.  


We offer scholarship and fellowship assistance for those seeking funding for college and professional learning opportunities.  Our scholarship and fellowship assistance offers step by step guidance and support that includes every aspect of the application process. We work to ensure that our clients distinguish themselves in the applicant pool. 

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TKH Global Consulting also provides grant writing services for both nonprofit and for profit companies.  We help organizations complete the grant application process by writing, proofreading, and editing application narratives. We help organizations compete for local, state, and federal grant monies. We provide services for individuals, schools, athletic teams, small businesses, and more. 


Last but not least, through our Black Girls Achieve program, we provide Black girls with the space and opportunity to truly be themselves while learning and engaging with girls who look like them. We complement the work of our schools, by hosting activities and discussions that are not usually offered in the classroom. We also provide workshops for schools that help girls build their confidence and amplify their voices. BGA provides girls with the skills and tools to become leaders of today and the future. 


TKH Global Consulting is committed to providing the best comprehensive services for prospective college students, schools, girls, and nonprofit and for-profit businesses. 

About Taniqua Huguley

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Taniqua K. Huguley was born and raised in Queens, New York where she developed her passion for serving her community. In 2010 she received the prestigious Posse scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship, which recognizes outstanding leaders.  In 2011 she moved to Hartford, Connecticut to pursue her college career at Trinity College.


During her college years she participated in various student organizations, including but not limited to Trinity College Black Women’s Organization (TCBWO) and SWAG (Students Who Achieve Greatness). She worked on campus as an intern in the Office of Admissions, Alumni Office, and Office of Multicultural Affairs. Taniqua was also an intern for local state legislators. 


During all four years she found time to immerse in the Hartford community. During her junior year she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., the first sorority for Black collegiate women. During her senior year she became the Event Coordinator for Small Business Night Out (SBNO), a company aimed to provide networking resources for small businesses across the state of CT. 


In 2015 Taniqua received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Trinity College. She then became a TRINsition Fellow; she was one of five fellows to launch the Bantam Network program. In this role she served as an advisor, tasked to connect incoming students to resources at Trinity and in the city of Hartford. In 2017 she received her Master of Arts degree. in Public Policy. During both her undergraduate and graduate years she conducted research that focused on: the socialization and labeling of Black and Latinx girls, social mobility, and educational policies.


In 2017 Taniqua received the U.S. Fulbright Scholar research grant, which allowed her to conduct research at St. Jude’s School for Girls, the only all girls juvenile facility in Trinidad and Tobago. While there she studied the factors that led girls to become incarcerated. She also analyzed how the country’s juvenile policies impacted the lives of girls. While at St. Jude’s Taniqua and the girls began an empowerment program called Trini Girls Rock! 


In April 2020 Taniqua launched TKH Global Consulting LLC with the purpose of providing affordable consulting services for profit and nonprofit organizations. In January 2021 Taniqua launched Black Girls Achieve (BGA), an empowerment program for Black girls. 


Taniqua works full-time as the Outreach Director of Open Communities Alliance, a civil rights non-profit that addresses housing choice and segregation housing in the state of CT. She is also a Governance Board member for Ida B. Wells Senior Housing and Youth Amplified Program (YAP).  

Taniqua is a recipient of the 50 for the Next 50, Hartford's Finest, and 100 Women of Color awards.

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