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Black Girls Achieve (BGA)

Our subsidiary company,  Black Girls Achieve, is a for profit empowerment program designed for Black girls. This organization was created to provide black girls the space to be themselves while learning how to navigate the nuances of black girlhood. BGA is currently located in two states: Connecticut and New York. 


Black Girls Achieve’s services include:

  • Programs for girls from middle school to high school curated around five themes:

  • Personalized school and community organization programming 

  • Bonding and empowerment events  

  • Black Girl Skillz, a life skills series

  • Virtual and in-person programming 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

BGA participant
Age 17
Bronx NY

I didn't believe in my worth and value before, but I definitely do now.

BGA participant
Age 16,
Long Island City, NY

BGA is an experience every black girl should have.

BGA participant
Age 15
Long Island City, NY

Black girls are powerful and we deserve to know that and be proud. BGA helped me  realize this.

BGA participant
Age 12
Hartford, CT

We were able to express ourselves. We were able to learn about ourselves and how to love ourselves.

BGA participant
Age 13
Hartford, CT

BGA taught me the importance of advocating for myself.

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